July 5, 2022

6 Retail Security Tips Every Business Needs To Know

In a post lockdown world, shops are back open and ready for customers. Unfortunately, this also makes them open and susceptible to targeted theft and destruction. Robberies don’t simply bring the threat of stock loss, but also a risk to employee safety. As a result, we’re detailing six of the essential retail security tips every store should know to incorporate into their business practices, so as to help with loss prevention and employee safety.

1. Invest in good covert security

Covert retail security is a highly effective retail security tactic to apprehend shoplifters and reduce stock shrinkage over time. This security strategy can be taken down a few different avenues. Sometimes it is using hidden recording devices, such as cameras, that are not blatantly filming. Think of traditional CCTV. But, a very common covert technique is to use professionals in plain clothing. The trick here is for the thief to not know they’re being observed, with the intention of catching them in the act. ESS Security professionals are highly trained in this method, performing their role discreetly and effectively in order to catch potential criminals in the midst of their crime.

In 2018, retail theft accounted for over 50% of lost revenue. Whilst employees can do their best to keep their eyes out for signs of theft, nobody can be in every part of the store all of the time, leaving thieves with plenty of opportunities to steal. Covert security utilises the element of surprise to seize control of the situation and, in the process, reduce the overall losses retail stores endure.


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2. Promote effective employee training

Covert security is an incredible and useful technique when it comes to managing criminal situations, but this doesn’t mean that employees should be left as sitting ducks. Training employees on how to deal with a criminal situation can not only reduce the overall crime rate but also keep the staff safe. An untrained employee can easily put themselves in a situation that endangers them. ESS Security offers extensive and effective training for employees so that each one is equipped with the knowledge of what to do in a criminal situation so that they don’t put themselves in harm’s way.

Of course, this is not a one size fits all approach. With retail being such a large industry, there are a number of different types of stores that fit within the umbrella. As a result, the employee retail security advice and training sessions are tailored to ensure that each team gets the most out of the session and the content taught can actually be applied to real life situations.

3. Employ on-site security guards

Optics are an integral part of security, and having security guards patrolling a store acts as a deterrent to thieves. After all, a criminal is less likely to try and commit a crime if there seems to be a heavy security presence. Having a security patrol will not only lessen the likelihood of a shoplifter or fraudster entering the store, but it also provides a strong line of defence if they do. With less than 20% of all retail crimes being reported to the police, having your own line of defence is integral.

4. Create incident reports

Incident reporting is an integral security measure against consistent damages. Although this may feel a little redundant because it’s simply writing out a report after the criminal act has already happened, a report helps to isolate the consistent areas in which you’re facing the most damage. Maybe it’s luxury goods, or smaller, easy-to-grab items? Regardless, of all the retail security tips, this is one method to help specifically tailor your security measures and strategy in an attempt to put an end to the same situation happening in the future, and bring down losses as a whole.


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5. Invest in a strong technology presence

Of course, a tried and tested security solution is to have a significant security presence. Monitored security services include CCTV, where footage is overseen by security personnel who can act as all-seeing surveillance. This way, thieves are not only apprehended but trends can also be predicted through constant surveillance.

6. Hire profiling professionals

One of the best retail security tips is getting professionals in the thick of it. We provide professional customer service personnel, that are trained in profiling techniques so as to predict any suspicious activity or people of interest. When it comes to retail theft or damage, the aim is not to simply stop an isolated incident but to come up with techniques to put an end to or reduce the situation as a whole. This comes through assessing risk and finding patterns, such as understanding which repeated items are being taken, or specific areas that are being continually targeted.

Retail security tips from the security experts

By enlisting the assistance of constant monitored security services like security guards or covert security as well as a variety of other techniques, you’re committing to bringing down the overall trend of theft and vandalism. By using our variety of expert security services and retail security tips, you can feel secure in knowing that your business is in safe hands with trained professionals in your corner.

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