Retail Security Services

Retail security services and a tailored security plan are one of the best investments a modern retailer can make.

Did you know that retail crime costs Australian businesses $9 billion every year? A feat that can be mitigated with tailored retail security services.

From theft and robbery to break-ins and fraud, retail crime affects businesses in many different ways, including increased retail pricing and staff endangerment.

Our security company designs and implements loss prevention programs that address shrinkage whilst enhancing the customer experience. We provide security guards that reduce incidents of theft and provide an ongoing relationship that keeps you ahead of trends and methods used by criminals.

Our staff are trained in the necessary skills to perform their duties. Furthermore ESS conducts a stringent selection and onboarding process which includes police checks, reference checks and relevant license checks.

Enhance your customer experiences and increase profitability with a tailored retail security plan by ESS today.

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Integrated Retail Security Solutions Australia.

Improve your in-store experience with a security partner that protects your people and assets.
Operating across Australia including large retails chains in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney CBD,
our retail security experts provide the following services:


A discreet retail security service that reduces shrinkage

Our covert retail security team works discreetly to identify theft and criminals and are trained in the necessary skills to perform their duties. Undetected security solutions are some of the best forms of security available.



Customised training for the retail sector

Our team is trained to handle the varied requirements of the retail sector.

From customer service, facilities management, emergency response, and first aid we tailor our training packages to the environments in which they work.



Technology is the foundation of our integrated service model

Technology propels our service offerings and provides a platform from which we monitor and analyse your security environments.

Through end-to-end integration, we help you uncover better and more efficient ways of working.

retail technology

Loss Prevention

ESS are loss prevention and protection specialists

Inventory loss is damaging to the retail industry, and with theft being the most common cause of shrinkage, it must be stringently monitored.

Our retail loss prevention officers work in tandem with the store manager and staff and also retail centre security for your peace of mind.

retail loss prevention

Customer Service

Professionals dedicated to ensuring a positive and safe customer experience.

Our customer service personnel are proactive professionals who are specifically trained in ‘Predictive Profiling’. Ensure a watchful eye on suspicious persons of interest who enter your premises. Public safety is key.

retail customer service

Incident Reporting

Real-time incident reporting

Risks and issues are immediately identified and reported.

Reports are customised to suit your specific retail sector, unique environment, and needs.

Incident Reporting

Retail Businesses

Retail Security Systems with 24/7 monitoring can significantly reduce
the risk.

Retail businesses have multiple security risks to worry about – staff safety, stock safety, business continuity and external security. The effects of theft and shrinkage in the retail industry are no doubt discouraging.

But with the right security solution and effective loss prevention strategy, tailored to meet your unique retail needs, you can reduce theft, improve the customer experience, and ensure the safety and wellbeing of your own staff.

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