ESS provides reliable and professional corporate security services for commercial businesses and properties all across Australia.

As an industry leader in corporate security solutions, ESS services a large range of clients within the corporate sector including office buildings, government buildings, shopping centres, business parks and museums. We focus on making sure your corporation is properly secured by providing seamless end-to-end solutions which include guarding, concierge, mobile patrol, monitoring, electronic security, car park management, and risk advisory services.

Our staff are trained in high-level customer service and emergency management ensuring that we represent your brand positively and are first responders to critical incidents, allowing you to focus on your core business.

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Key Stakeholder Management

As a leading corporate security company in Australia, ESS understands that every corporate environment is unique and comprises a variety of key stakeholders including tenants, visitors, property managers and facility managers. As such, our security solutions can be tailored to your organisation’s needs with our approach to managing your security is as flexible as your requirements dictate.

At ESS, our promise of corporate security and protection services ensures the safety of your employees, company assets and properties along with other advantages that can be beneficial for your corporation.

Commercial Security
for Business across Australia

Our multi-tiered approach ensures every facet of your unique business needs
is met with professionalism, compliance, and trust.


Customer support is a the heart of our concierge services

Representing the face of your business, our professional concierge team welcomes visitors to your corporate setting. An extension of your brand, our professional and discrete concierge professionals provide support, care, and security presence to your staff, clients, visitors, and guests. Our staff are handpicked for their outstanding customer service and high-level communication skills, including immaculate presentation, attention to detail, and in-depth security intelligence.

Corporate Security

Virtual Concierge

Remote concierge delivers unwavering support, 24 hours a day

ESS’s virtual concierge team can monitor and manage your site after hours, ensuring a constant presence as well as continuous protection of your people and assets. Any location, whether it’s a retail business, a bank or an investment branch, can employ our virtual concierge technology to its advantage.

Virtual Concierge, Corporate Security

Integrated Security

A selection of security services, integrated into one holistic solution

At ESS, we offer a wide selection of corporate security services, integrated into one holistic solution. From guarding, mobile patrols and monitoring our integrated security model deliver a comprehensive, all-inclusive security solution. As a leading corporate security agency, we continuously identify areas for creating greater efficiency both in preventing incidents and the use of technology to lower resource demand and security costs over time.

Integrated Security, Corporate Security

Mobile Patrols

When it comes to keeping your corporate setting safe, our mobile patrols have got you covered. Keeping a watchful eye on your property, people, and assets, our security mobile patrols offer day and night assistance including escort services, lock and unlock services, and building and facility checks. ESS’s mobile security patrols make use of a variety of innovative technology and our team’s collective experience to keep ahead of trends and provide you with an efficient and accountable service.

Mobile Patrols, Corporate Security


State-of-the-art technology drives compliance and reduces risk in the corporate world.

Modern businesses are subject to complex digital security rules and regulations. Breaching those regulations can lead to severe consequences, including fines, reputational damage, and financial losses. At ESS, we work together to deliver quality outcomes, we will provide expert support in critical areas. Our compliance and governance framework ensures all services meet regulatory requirements and standards.

Compliance, Corporate Security

Security Management

At ESS, our dedicated corporate security management structure provides a central point of contact for all security services, making it easier for our clients to manage the security category. Our specialised team and support colleagues have committed through the company’s code of conduct to provide the best possible service to all clients with the expectation of achieving customer satisfaction.

Security Management, Corporate Security

Risk Advisory

In the corporate world, risk management is essential to preventing and significantly reducing the potential for security-related issues to arise. At ESS, our expert in-house risk advisory team works to reduce the risks faced by our corporate clients by establishing a strong security framework for both now and in the future for buildings. Our dedicated security consultants specialise in creating tailor-made security packages based on comprehensive risk assessments and client preferences.

commercial risk advisory, Corporate Security


ESS corporate security services offer a fresh and dynamic approach to electronic security solutions. Our SOC utilises advanced technology that automates responses to security incidents enabling the quickest possible response and resolution. Moreover, we monitor over 10,000+ alarms, CCTV, Duress, access control and medical monitoring systems nationally. advanced technology with our experienced and highly trained personnel helps you unleash the power of innovative security solutions.

Technology, Corporate Security

Sophisticated corporate concierge services
for a
range of businesses across
multiple sectors

ESS corporate concierge staff provide a low-profile security presence by welcoming visitors, providing general administration duties, and above all, ensuring people can safely and securely access your premises. Our staff are handpicked for their outstanding customer service,  high level communication skills, attention to detail, and security intelligence.
Hotels and resorts rely on ESS corporate security services to provide a low-key and discrete security presence. Our highly trained team of customer service and support staff help to ensure visitors and staff feel safe and welcome when they attend your premises, no matter the time of day.

From visitor greetings and escorts to reservations and general enquiries, our corporate concierge and front-of-house staff take care of tenants and visitors by providing a number of concierge and customer service duties and providing a low-key, unobstructed security presence. Staff are also trained in handling many non-security related tasks to provide an all-round service.

ESS corporate security solutions provide high-rise buildings with experienced concierge and front-of-house staff to ensure that your facility is permanently staffed. Our team identifies risks, protects property, and ensures that residents and tenants are safe at all times. Most importantly, our professional and courteous concierge personnel provide a warm and welcoming first impression.

If your corporation deals with high-value items, securing your merchandise and creating a positive first impression is paramount. At ESS, our security and concierge personnel offer outstanding customer service for high-end retail stores. Polite, professional, and immaculately presented, our team provides access control whilst preventing stock loss and shrinkage.

Events on a medium or large scale can get out of hand in certain situations. As part of your special event, our team ensures your venue and its occupants are safe at all times. Our personnel offer customer service and assistance to attendees in addition to providing a low-key security presence.