June 15, 2022

Benefits Of 24/7 Surveillance: Why Is It Necessary?

When it comes to your business, you’re investing your time, money and resources into it; it’s your livelihood. So, without 24/7 surveillance monitoring, to have your livelihood thrown away in seconds due to petty thieves looking to steal or destroy aspects of your workplace would be completely devastating. This is why it is not just beneficial, but essential, to have constant monitored security services to protect your premises. This will not only act as a deterrent to thieves looking to steal or damage.

Here, we examine various surveillance options that are available to you as a business owner that will help you to protect your business from damage and loss and stop you from paying for the harm caused by others.

What Is A Monitored Security System?

Monitored security services are where you are paying for an external company, separate from your own, to be on constant guard around your business, acting as an obstacle against potential thieves. This is incredibly beneficial as instead of the onus being on you to check your alarms, or to check for security footage, you have a company doing this all for you and providing around the clock coverage to protect your business.

Having this kind of security is beneficial in more ways than one. Not only are you not solely responsible for the protection of your premises, but you have peace of mind that in the event of a theft, you have a higher likelihood to be able to catch the criminals to ensure that further damage is not done should you be away.

Many businesses are currently investing in around-the-clock security, with the video surveillance market predicted to be worth 63 billion USD in 2023. ESS offers you 24/7 surveillance of your business in a variety of ways with skilled professionals who are ready to act and respond to any situation promptly and effectively. Our high-tech electronic security systems can remotely patrol your workplace, acting as virtual security guards to patrol the site at any time, from anywhere in a way that is still cost effective for you.


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The Peace Of Mind Provided By 24/7 Surveillance

One of the best reasons to invest in a 24/7 security presence is the peace of mind that you will be afforded. Leaving your work vulnerable and open to thieves can be detrimental to your focus, placing your mind elsewhere and bringing down your productivity which is counterproductive to your work, as well as your home life. Having a security patrol at your commercial or retail business at all hours of the day means that you can focus on the more important things and leave the security of your site to the professionals.

Detect Emergencies Before It’s Too Late

Whilst setting up your own security system can seem acceptable initially, it can prove to be detrimental when thieves strike. Although you’ll have footage or an alarm to alert you of thievery or damage, it will be too late to do anything about it. Sometimes authorities can’t catch the perpetrators and this leaves you vulnerable to another attack, and even if there isn’t one, the thieves have already struck and the damage is already done. 24/7 surveillance monitoring stops the perpetrators from getting away with their plot and allows you to catch them in the act, or stop them from doing a higher level of damage that can be costly to repair, or worst case scenario, unfixable, if they’ve stolen irreplaceable items.

A 24/7 security presence is not something that will ever be a regret. As a business it pays for itself, protecting y0u from theft and damages and stopping long term issues in their tracks. This is not simply preferable, but essential to any workplace and will provide you with peace of mind and save you from having to pay for costly repairs and replacements in the future. Enquire today for a cost-effective monitoring service!

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