Security Solutions to the Education Sector

Each relationship is built on trust, transparency and collaboration

We form close working relationships with education clients to provide comprehensive school and university campus security solutions.

ESS are education security specialists who are highly experienced in the field of university and school security. Our security guards have extensive experience in the education sector from early learning to school, university, TAFE and private education providers.

We work with you to develop and implement an integrated security plan incorporating all aspects of your security requirements. As our security personnel will be seen as the face of your education facility to staff, students, visitors and contractors we place a heavy emphasis on recruitment, ongoing training, and upskilling.

Across the education sector we balance security measures with the traditionally accepted ‘open’ operating environment of educational institutions.

Working with our clients, we develop robust security plans that identify and detail the protective security measures needed, taking into account each specific site’s educational, research and community requirements.

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ESS is Your Education

University campuses and schools have their own unique requirements and risks. Our team of experts will work with you to identify the key areas of an integrated campus security solution in a cost effective and efficient manner.

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Securing Your Site with Integrated
Campus Security Services

We provide security and safety whilst creating a welcoming atmosphere for students, residents, faculty and staff. Our school and university security solutions are seamless and effective.


ESS operates a 100% compliance model

Our technology led compliance system conducts daily security and working with children license checks providing you with total compliance.


Risk Advisory

Protecting your people, infrastructure, and information from internal and external threats

Our intelligent risk advisory services provide a highly customised approach to identify and mitigate risk.

education risk advisory


Customised training programs specific to the education sector

We believe that training is an essential and must be ongoing Theoretical and practical training specific to your facility’s needs ensures our staff have the right combination of hard and soft skills to perform in their roles.


Control Room

Protecting your people and assets 24/7

Our control room operators oversee and support our security teams on the ground. Trained to deal with emergency situations and coordinate emergency response 24/7.

Our team oversees the management of CCTV, alarm, duress devices, access control, fire systems, and building management systems, and provides 24/7 technical support.

Control Room

Staff and Student Safety

Protecting your students and staff

Schools and other educational facilities face daily threats that could put their students and teachers at harm. Keeping your students and teachers safe is our number one priority.

With our school and university security solutions, your campus will be protected day and night to deter any threats.

Staff and Student Safety

Technology Solutions

We focus on providing technology to support and better secure your people and assets, now and into the future

We provide end-to-end systems specific to the education sector to provide you with a holistic security solution that supports your campus operations.

This can include duress and lone worker safety, virtual patrols and creating safety zones on campus.

Technology Solutions

Customer Service

Creating a secure and inclusive environment

In addition to managing safety, we also understand that our school guards need to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for students, staff, and visitors attending your site.

education customer service

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