Government Security Solutions

Compliance, safety and risk management for government bodies

We understand that the Government sector has its own distinct needs.

Vast experience working with all levels of Government all across the country ensures our people and our practices reflect the needs of these unique operations.

Trained in both hard and soft skills, our security guards offer a range of security and safety services for all levels of Government.

Operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our integrated security and technology solutions provide transparency and validation of services.

To provide security services to high-risk environments ESS meets robust and diligent government criteria.

In line with this requirement, ESS has an established approach to the complexities associated with securing some of Australia’s most prestigious federal, state and local government institutions and facilities.

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Government Security Services

Integrated security solutions for each level of Government.

Federal / Commonwealth

Protecting your most valuable assets, facilities, and infrastructure

Delivering at a Commonwealth level, our high-level Federal Government security solutions begin with a deep analysis and understanding of your business, including risk assessment and mitigation.

This enables us to create a tailored solution executed to meet your needs.

State and Local Councils

Protective security solutions for state and territory Governments across Australia

Security needs at a State and Local level can differ considerably. As such, ESS’s Government security personnel can deliver a wide range of specialised security and protection services.

Why Choose ESS?

At ESS we’re equipped with highly trained security personnel, industry-leading technology and AI, and are backed by our Grade-A1 Security Operations Centre (SOC). Our comprehensive and tailored security solutions are designed to ensure the safety and security of your business or home. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and dedication to keeping your security measures optimised, cost-effective, and up-to-date.