Mobile Security Patrol

Why Choose ESS Mobile Patrols?

Our mobile security patrols make use of a variety of innovative technology and our team’s collective experience to keep ahead of trends and provide you with an efficient and accountable service.

Our client portal provides you with real time data on incidents, GPS tracking, and an overview of the patrol guard tours.

In the event of an incident, our security patrol vehicle creates a report in our cloud-based system that is automatically sent to you. The report includes a detailed description, photos and actions taken.

Constant behind-the-scenes innovation means that our mobile security patrol officers can make your security more proactive which will reduce your risk profile. Learn more about what is mobile patrol security or call us on 1300 20 22 24 to discover how our mobile security patrol services can support your business or event, right when you need it most.

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Through Technology and Compliance,
We Keep You Safe

Our mobile patrol security services use the latest technology to safeguard your property
and assets while delivering greater accountability and transparency.

Real Time Incident Reporting

Real Time Incident Reporting

Delivering actionable insights to keep your business running

Real time incident reporting allows you to respond immediately to incidents. Our advanced technology provides our clients with critical information when they need it.

Vehicle and Guard Tracking

Vehicle and Guard Tracking

Providing full transparency and accountability for our services

Each of our patrol cars is equipped with GPS tracking and our patrols carry PDAs which are tracked, allowing us to dispatch security patrols and monitor mobile patrols in real-time on your sites.

Security Operations Centre

Security Operations Centre

Integrates your mobile patrol, monitoring and guarding services 24/7

Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) has access to all security information and coordinates our mobile patrol service to ensure rapid response and detailed reporting

Mobile Security Alarm Response

Mobile Security Alarm Response

Our technology ensures the timeliest response

Our patrol dispatch system is integrated with our SOC which automatically locates and directs the nearest patrol vehicles to your site, ensuring a time-sensitive and effective response.

Body Cameras

Body Cameras

Streaming and capturing real time events

Our use of body worn cameras allows us to document security staff’s conduct, record incidences, and provide evidence management. Body worn cameras provide additional safety for our staff and act as a deterrent.

National Coverage

National Coverage

Ability to service all points of Australia

Our nation-wide presence allows us to service locations across Australia. We provide mobile patrol services in all major cities.

Alarm Response


An alarm or camera is triggered at your premises


Our A1-graded Security Operations Centre (SOC) is alerted


Our dispatchers direct the nearest ESS mobile patrol car to respond


ESS personnel conduct external and internal security sweeps


All on-site activity is automatically recorded and sent to you


We leave ensuring your site is secured

Security Operations Centre Mobile Patrol Security Services Melbourne

Security Operations Centre

Nation-wide mobile security patrols, integrated with our Security Operations Centre (SOC).

Our 24/7 SOC oversees the operations of our national mobile patrol division.

Our dedicated operators oversee and assist our mobile patrol drivers whilst ensuring their safety is maintained at all times.Our SOC is responsible for despatching all alarms and managing any out of hours customer requirements, and is supported by state of the art reporting, tracking, recording and monitoring systems.

All guarding and patrol services are tightly coupled with our monitoring service, leading to cost savings, efficiency gains and a more cohesive security response.

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mobile patrol security services

Mobile Patrol Security Services Across Australia

Our mobile patrols safeguard a range of sectors, from retail and commercial, to industrial and construction, and everything in between.

Working closely with the monitoring centre, our mobile patrols keep your assets and people safe, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.In addition to major Australian cities, our mobile patrols can also extend to sites and operations in many other parts of the country, including remote locations.

Mobile Patrols You Can Trust

Benefits of ESS Mobile Patrol Security

  • Extensive Patrol Coverage: ESS Mobile Patrols cover vast areas, from patrolling residential neighbourhoods and commercial premises to industrial zones and public areas, ensuring every corner is under surveillance.
  • Swift Response: The agile nature of our mobile patrol security allows for rapid response to emergencies, ensuring timely intervention and minimising risks.
  • Visible Deterrence: The very presence of an ESS mobile patrol acts as a potent deterrent for potential criminals, discouraging unwanted activities even before they occur.
  • Professional and Trained Personnel: Every ESS mobile patrol officer is extensively trained, not only in surveillance but also in addressing and de-escalating potentially dangerous situations.
  • Cost-effective Solution: Mobile patrols provide an efficient and economical alternative to stationary security personnel, delivering wider coverage without stretching your budget.

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Why Choose ESS?

At ESS we’re equipped with highly trained security personnel, industry-leading technology and AI, and are backed by our Grade-A1 Security Operations Centre (SOC). Our comprehensive and tailored security solutions are designed to ensure the safety and security of your business or home. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and dedication to keeping your security measures optimised, cost-effective, and up-to-date.