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Indigenous Engagement

ESS has a commitment to increasing the Indigenous participation and engagement in the security industry and as such has 49% ownership in an indigenous owned security company, Elevate Security, a registered and certified Supply Nation member. ESS engages Elevate Security to increase participation rates within our contracted portfolio.

ESS employ Aboriginal and Torrest Strait Islanders* staff across all levels of the business, inclusive of corporate roles through to security officers. When sourcing product and services we work with Kinaway, Supply Nation and Elevate Security to ensure we meet our company’s Indigenous, diversity and social equity targets.

ESS has existing relationships with Indigenous recruitment agencies and more importantly, engages with the Australian Government’s Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS) to assist with a supportive transition to contractual employment.

ESS has a robust Indigenous recruitment plan and our aim is to meet a 3% Indigenous background workforce target.

Cody Field is a proud Gundungarran man from central western NSW, who has worked in the security industry for the past 20 years.

Specialising in security management Cody has primarily focused on government security and the physical and risk services associated with government.

He has worked in both private and federal government sectors in a range of positions from senior security advisor to account management for government service providers, including diplomatic organisation with foreign governments in Australia and abroad.

Cody advisors ESS on Indigenous employment and procurement initiatives and delivers training on Indigenous Engagement. He is also responsible for overseeing all of ESS’ security operations in the ACT.

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Supporting People with a Disability

ESS supporter of wise employment
ESS supporter of job prospects
ESS supporter of max employment

ESS has been successful in employing people with disabilities across all levels of the business. We partner with job networks who have disability employment services including Max Employment, WISE Employment and Job Prospects.

We support our staff with changed ways of working and any equipment they may require, ensuring the continued productivity and safety of our employees with disability. ESS work closely with disability employment agencies to develop practices and provide additional support to staff throughout their employment.

We partner closely with a number of Australia’s leading disability support organisations to improve the terms of participation in society for people living with disability or disadvantage.

ESS understands that an inclusive, diverse workplace benefits everyone. We ensure we have the right culture, systems and physical environments, complete disability awareness training, and identifying suitable roles for people with disability.

Social and Community Involvement

We value the communities that we protect, and work with local charities and create partnerships that align to our business values.

Some of the organisations we support include:

  • Step up to Breast Cancer
  • Cathy Freeman Foundation
  • Parkdale Gift
  • Waverly Helpmates Inc
  • Snowdome Foundation
  • Transgender Victoria
  • Big Umbrella Project
ESS supporter of Step up to Breast Cancer
ESS supporter of Snowdome Foundation
ESS supporter of Waverly Helpmates Inc
ESS supporter of Parkdale Gift
ESS supporter of Cathy Freeman Foundation


Social Corporate Responsibility

We recognise our responsibility to help secure a better, more sustainable future for all. We work with our clients to pursue, promote and develop sustainable business outcomes. We actively engage with our suppliers and business partners to develop approaches that will help to deliver a more sustainable society. We are accredited and certified to ISO 14001 Environment Management System and some of our initiatives include:

  • Hybrid mobile patrol fleet with an expanding electric vehicle fleet
  • Through automation we have become paperless in our operation
  • We have set up e-waste streams at our office locations
  • Implemented aa radio recycling program

Why Choose ESS?

At ESS we’re equipped with highly trained security personnel, industry-leading technology and AI, and are backed by our Grade-A1 Security Operations Centre (SOC). Our comprehensive and tailored security solutions are designed to ensure the safety and security of your business or home. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and dedication to keeping your security measures optimised, cost-effective, and up-to-date.