Providing Customer Service and
Professional Engagement

ESS’s corporate concierge services create a safe and welcoming environment.

Representing the face of your business, our professional concierge security officers welcome visitors to your corporate setting.

Our concierge security staff are handpicked for their outstanding customer service and high level communication skills. Immaculate presentation, attention to detail, and security intelligence are also critical in order to provide a high-end concierge security service.

In addition to providing a comforting presence, our concierge and security staff also help manage your front desk, engage clients and visitors, and administer a range of duties and responsibilities.

Our clients appreciate our thoughtful approach; thinking things through from every angle to provide not just the best security, but the best service.

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Concierge and Security Services

Our concierge security and customer service specialists help your clients, guests, and residents feel welcome and safe.


Customer-service driven training to meet your unique business needs

Specialised in-house training programs are tailor-made to suit the varying requirements of each location.

ESS’s training and development is backed by the Customer Service Institute of Australia (CSIA).


Sourcing the right people is key to customer experience

Our experienced talent is sourced from premium hotels as well as high-end, corporate environments.

ESS provides mentoring and coaching, and encourages a range of career development opportunities.


ESS advocates for a diverse workplace

ESS values differences in age, gender, gender identity, ethnicity, culture, ability, religion, beliefs and sexual orientation.

Based on our value of creating a diverse and inclusive workforce, we are committed to provide a fair and equitable workplace for our people.

Customer Experience

Customer experience is our number 1 priority

Our professional concierge staff positively represents your brand and business.

You can trust our corporate concierge team to look after your residents, clients, and visitors with excellent customer service.

We create a unique, inviting, and professional environment, and contribute to satisfied returning customers.


Integrated technology to support your business needs

Our concierge team can integrate technology including access control systems, turnstyle management, and CCTV, along with threat detection, temperature testing, and facial recognition.


Data-driven optimisation

Through our end-to-end service offering, we find better and more efficient ways of working. Our data-driven integrated services model proactively identifies areas of improvement.

Security you can trust

Benefits of Concierge Security

Concierge security services offer a wide range of benefits that contribute to the overall safety and harmony of a location. Equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the specific IT environment and access control systems, these security professionals monitor and analyse potential threats to ensure the wellbeing of a building and its inhabitants. In addition to providing physical security, the presence of a concierge security team can increase employee and resident satisfaction by instilling confidence in their day-to-day safety and seamlessly managing building logistics.

Furthermore, concierge security officers significantly enhance the customer experience for visiting clients by offering a touch of sophistication and a warm, welcoming environment. The combination of top-notch security measures with exceptional customer service makes concierge security an invaluable asset for businesses and residential complexes alike.

The main roles of a concierge security officer include access control and visitor management. Employees of the establishment typically have access cards that they can use to enter the building, while visitors need to be granted permission to enter by the concierge security guard. This helps maintain the building’s security and protect it from unauthorised access or potential threats.

Besides access control, concierge security guards also patrol the home property, inspect commercial buildings and equipment, and permit entry only to authorised personnel. Our security guards have undergone specific security guard training that enables them to handle emergencies and respond appropriately. In case of any suspicious activity, concierge guards alert the authorities, thereby deterring crime in a subtle yet effective manner.

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Sophisticated corporate concierge services for a
range of businesses across
multiple sectors

The right concierge staff can play a key role in your security.

Concierge security guards provide a low-profile security presence by welcoming visitors, providing general administration duties, and above all, ensuring people can safely and securely access your premises.

Hotels and resorts

Hotels and resorts rely on ESS to provide a low-key and discrete security presence. Customer service and support ensures visitors feel safe and welcome when they attend your premises.

Commercial buildings

From visitor greeting and escorts to reservations and general enquiries, our concierge and front-of-house staff take care of tenants and visitors, and handle many non-security related tasks.

High-rise buildings

Our concierge and front of house staff ensure that your facility is permanently staffed. Our team identifies risks, protects property, and ensures that residents and tenants are safe at all times.

High-end retail

Concierge security guards offer outstanding customer service for high-end retail stores. Polite, professional, and immaculately presented, our team provides access control whilst preventing stock loss and shrinkage.

Event centres

As part of your special event, our team ensures your venue and its occupants are safe at all times. Our personnel offer customer service and assistance to attendees in addition to providing a low-key security presence.

Customer Service and Concierge Security Melbourne