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Our Security Guards Protect Your Assets, Brand and Reputation.

ESS is the market leader in security guard services, servicing large and small businesses across Australia and New Zealand. We provide a variety of security guard services, including mobile security patrols and residential patrol security services, to a wide range of industries.

We take the time to understand your requirements and conduct a risk analysis to develop a security guard solution that reduces risk and increases safety of your assets and people.

Our solutions are customer-service driven; the customer is at the heart of everything we do. Our staff are an extension of your team and brand and as such are dressed to suit your environment.

Underpinning our guarding solutions is our philosophy on compliance and training.

We create customised training packages designed for our staff so that you can be confident that your assets are protected by individuals that are trained to suit your specific environment.

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Security Guard Solutions

ESS offers security guard services tailored to your needs. Training is the most critical factor in guaranteeing
that our employees and clients expectations are continually exceeded.

Static Guarding

Our static security guards ensure your people feel safe

Responsible for the protection, safety and wellbeing of your assets and people, our guards proactively look for suspicious behaviour and respond to threats.

Static Guarding

Armed Security Guards

Armed security guards for high-risk environments

Highly trained armed security personnel provide an effective, visible deterrent and protect your highly valued assets.

Armed Security Guards

Customer Service and Concierge

The face of your business

Make a positive first impression of your brand and business with well-presented customer service and concierge personnel.

Our concierge team confidently communicates to all stakeholders and is backed by CSIA (Customer Services Initiate of Australia) training.

Customer Service and Concierge

Loss Prevention

Loss prevention and protection specialists

As the most common cause of shrinkage, theft must be stringently monitored.

Our uniformed or plain clothed loss prevention personnel work across the retail industry and are trained to identify shoplifting trends and implement shrinkage reduction solutions.

Loss Prevention


Control access to your premises with professional gatehouse staff

ESS’s personnel will ensure only authorised visitors gain access to your business premises whilst securing your property.

Duties include access control, patrolling grounds, inspecting vehicles, hazard and incident reporting, and providing customer assistance.



Event and crowd control specialists

Protect guests and patrons with professional, friendly, and customer service driven crowd controllers who will protect your brand and reputation whilst maintaining a safe environment for patrons.


Car Park Management

Maintain safety and operational efficiency in your car park facilities

Our tailored car park management plans ensure you maximise the performance of your assets and implement effective solutions to drive total cost down and provide a greater return.

Services include operational management, revenue management, on-site security, and customer service.

Car Park Management

Control Room

Protecting your people and assets 24/7

Our control room operators oversee and support our security teams on the ground. Trained to deal with emergency situations and coordinate emergency response 24/7.

Our team oversees the management of CCTV, alarm, duress devices, access control, fire systems, and building management systems, and provides 24/7 technical support.

Control Room

Trusted Security Guard Provider

Why Trust Our Security Guards?

  1. Expertly Trained: Our security guards undergo intensive training, ensuring they’re prepared for any situation with professionalism and alertness.
  2. Versatile Protection: From corporate buildings to events, our security personnel are adaptable to diverse environments and challenges.
  3. Tailored Solutions: We understand that every security need is unique. Our team works closely with you to provide custom solutions that fit your requirements.
  4. Advanced Technology Integration: Our security approach combines the human touch with the latest technology, offering a comprehensive protection strategy.
  5. Reliability You Can Count On: With a proven track record, our security services have become the benchmark for safety and reliability.

Our security guards are available in cities across Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.

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Technology supporting our guarding solutions includes:

Real Time Reporting

Live feed and real time

Real time incident reporting and guard tracking providing you with a transparent security overview of your site increasing response efficiency.


Lone worker safety

Protect staff who are working alone with individual duress support, which transforms their smartphone, watch, or access card into a safety device that is tracked and can communicate with Security Operations Centre.

Workforce Management


Our workforce management platform provides your management team with easy access to guard rosters, compliance documents, tasks, and provides real time team communication. Using Geo-Fencing you know when our team is on your site.

Body Cameras


Body worn cameras increase the overall security and safety of staff and visitors on site.
Our body worn technology captures live audio and video recordings of interactions between our staff and the public providing you with detailed evidence of incidents.

Daily Compliance

Automated license checks

Our technology led compliance system conducts daily security and working with children license checks providing you with total compliance.

Load Bearing Vests

Even distribution of weight

Increases operational efficiencies and provides a professional and visible presence. Also contributes to the health and wellbeing of our staff.

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