June 18, 2022

Benefits of On-Site Security: A Beginner’s Guide

Over the last few years, Covid-19 has put a pause on construction; leaving sites empty and vulnerable to thieves, making on-site security essential. Construction houses high-cost machinery and equipment that can be virtually irreplaceable, this is why it is so important to have a safe and secure site with ample security.

Without on-site security, your workplace can be left paying for replacement equipment out of pocket or struggling to make ends meet. And, in the case of retail workplaces, there can be long term problems both financially and with customer loyalty. Here, we discuss the major benefits as to why on-site security is so important and why there’s never been a better time than now to enquire and install it.


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Better Safe With On-Site Security Than Sorry

In Australia, around 39% of residential builders fell victim to either construction site theft or vandalism, and then over that 39%, 65% experienced theft more than once, and 66% experienced vandalism additional times. The best-case scenario here is that not a lot is stolen, however, even small amounts of damage to a site cost time and money to repair, with the expense being on average $1,156, which can set you back considerably over time and increases the cost to operate your workplace.

So, if you’re not on-site, how do you prevent this costly damage and theft? The answer is increased construction site security. This will benefit your workplace irreparably in the long term. Having security cameras installed can help to both prevent theft and help to find the thieves.

The presence of people will also help to seriously deter thieves or vandals. This can be in the form of on-site security or alternatively if the presence of security guards is not needed constantly for your business, a mobile patrol will also assist in discouraging troublemakers.

Alternatively, if your workplace is constantly being broken into or damaged, this can cause your insurance premium to go up which can be an additional financial burden, deterring crime with security measures will benefit you across the board and prevent loss of income.


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Retail Worries

Empty storefronts are a major target for retail theft, and a major deterrent for customers is the appearance of theft. A smashed window, a police presence, these factors can absolutely cause consumers to feel uneasy and unsafe. Which will likely cause them to shop elsewhere. This can have an ad-on effect of losing customer loyalty to alternative stores and brands which in turn will lose your store’s overall revenue. This is why it is so crucial to ensure there is adequate retail store security installed. Storefronts, both large and small are extremely susceptible to theft, both when they’re open and closed.

A few things stolen may seem like a minor issue but in fact, this problem is not to be minimised, reports of theft and fraud cost retailers $US62 billion in 2019 which is approximately 1.6% of sales, growing from the 1.4% in 2018. And, this statistic doesn’t even factor in break-ins and major damage to storefronts. For retail, installing security cameras for constant surveillance whilst also having a security guard presence will not only help to deter those looking to steal but also helps to trace theft back to the source.

On-site security in all workplaces helps to avoid long-term repercussions that are both financial and time-wise. In the case of a retail store, it avoids clientele loss and will assist your workplace in a positive way due to a more minimal lack of revenue. Enquire today to learn more about your on-site security options.

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