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Car parks have historically been notoriously difficult to keep secure. Their poor lighting, isolated location, and elevated safety risks resulting from the movement of vehicles and pedestrians, make car park security an essential investment for all modern businesses and commercial buildings today. And when it comes to developing car park security plans, it’s best to maintain a dynamic approach that incorporates a combination of effective safety and security measures that don’t just detect crime, but can also deter it.

Executive Security Solutions specialises in offering security services that do exactly this. From state-of-the-art alarm systems and access control systems like key fobs, swipe cards and number plate scanners, to on-site or remote security patrol staff and other technical security specialists, our team at ESS can provide your organisation with all the security technology and manpower it needs to maintain a safe and secure workplace for your staff and customers.

If a staff vehicle or a visitor’s parked car is broken into in your commercial car park, your business could be held liable. Similarly, your car parks could become the setting for incidents of violence or other potentially criminal activities. It’s imperative that business owners can offer their support in both reducing the risks of these incidents as well as reporting incidents in the event that they do occur.

Investing in car park security solutions including CCTV system installation, can help mitigate any identified security risks in private or commercial car parks. Our team of security specialists can work with you to develop a car park security plan that’s tailored for your company premises.

We are equipped to provide tailored car park security solutions for a range of different commercial settings, including:

  • Multi-storey commercial car parks
  • Office car parks
  • Industrial and warehouse car parks
  • Hospital car parks
  • School car parks

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When it comes to reducing the risks of violence in the workplace, business owners also need to account for trespassers or other third parties rather than solely relying on their staff code of conduct. In the event that an unauthorised person or persons are able to breach your car park’s security barriers and assault or attempt to assault a member of your staff, having an authoritative presence as well as additional witness testimony can play a valuable role in bringing the unknown guilty parties to justice.

That’s precisely why investing in dedicated car park security guards is vital for enhancing the safety and security of your on-site parking facilities. When combined with security cameras and other security technologies, our security guards here at ESS will be able to provide your company car park with thorough, 24/7 coverage.

Our tailored car park management plans also ensure that you can maximise the value of your dedicated car park security guards. Additional services that our security guards may be able to provide include:

On-site parking facility operational management

Our operational management ensures smooth, streamlined on-site parking facilities, reducing congestion and enhancing efficiency. Say goodbye to chaotic, unmanaged parking spaces and welcome a professional touch ensuring optimal functionality and safety.

Alarm monitoring

Revenue management (i.e. ticketing)

Our revenue management service maximises your earnings, ensuring every parking space is a source of income. Benefit from an advanced ticketing system that leaves no room for errors, ensuring consistent, increased revenue and satisfied customers.

Virtual Concierge

On-Site Security

Our on-site security team provides vigilant, round-the-clock surveillance. Each vehicle is safeguarded against theft and vandalism. Sleep easy knowing professionals are on watch, ensuring safety, security, and peace of mind for vehicle owners and management.

Alarm Response Security Monitoring Solutions Australia

Customer Service for staff and vehicle owners

Our customer service ensures efficient assistance for staff and vehicle owners. A dedicated team is always ready to assist, solving issues swiftly, ensuring a seamless, hassle-free parking experience, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.

Alarm Response Security Monitoring Solutions Australia

Gatehouse Control

Our gatehouse control service ensures rapid, seamless flow. Skilled personnel and advanced technology collaborate to expedite processes, ensuring quick, hassle-free entries and exits. No more long queues or delays – just swift, efficient service every time.

Our car park security guards are also well-versed in managing a range of security technologies, including access control systems that have been tailor-made for car park security. Enquire with ESS today to see how your company can benefit from securing car park security guards and our other security services.

Security Operations Centre

Risk Advisory

Risk management is essential to preventing and significantly reducing the potential for security-related issues to arise

Our expert in-house risk advisory team works to reduce the risks faced by our commercial clients by establishing a strong security framework both now and into the future for buildings.

commercial risk advisory

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