June 15, 2022

Party Security Services: A How-To Guide

As we have cautiously taken our first steps back into a Covid normal world, we have seen a major return of events across the country, attracting millions of people to various types of gatherings, ranging from corporate functions to social soirees. But with the increase in these events, comes the need for effective party security services. The event industry brings in millions of people and billions of dollars and so to have these gatherings ruined by gatecrashers, unsafe patrons or an escalating argument is out of the question.

This is why it’s imperative to have competent event security at parties. They will not only ensure that patrons are properly protected but also de-escalate high-risk situations, should one arise.

Knowing The Risks

When organising an event, one of the most vital precautions to take, is doing a risk assessment. Without one, you may as well be jumping into the unknown, with no knowledge of what awaits. Knowing all of the potential risks that may arise, means knowing how to prevent them. Risk assessments not only allow you to evaluate the location your event is being held, but also research similar gatherings, and the security threats that came along with it. Having a strong understanding of the potential incidents that may come along with your event, prior to it happening, gives you adequate time to modify your party security services in order to successfully address them and take all the necessary preventative measures.


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Having Effective De-Escalation Techniques

Whilst a lot of major events that require security are social or publicity related celebrations, as people return to in-office work, many commercial businesses have put on events to boost employee morale, and in-office events require security just as much as their recreational counterparts. In large businesses and personal events, having event security guards present is imperative as they are trained in knowing de-escalation techniques. Alcohol is related to a third of all violent assault cases, which is why alcoholic events need to be monitored. Should violence occur, having a professional to subdue the situation will help to make employees feel safer, and in extreme cases, it saves lives.

The aim of having trained security professionals is to calmly manage a dangerous situation and reduce the damage or threat of violence that employees are currently facing. However, these techniques are not limited to workplace events, any public event should have thoroughly trained event security personnel as many conflicts can end in harm to more than just the instigator. Therefore, making certain that there is a team present to decrease tensions and lessen all potential dangers is crucial.

Test Out Your Party Security Services Plan

Ensuring you have a security plan is a vital first step, but without testing it to see if it’s functional against possible threats, it’s largely ineffective. Testing the strengths and weaknesses of the scheme allows you to see holes that need fixing. During an event, the threat of unexpected guests or disorderly patrons is not the only potential hazard, also confirming that everything is set out safely and there are various accessible exits verifies that should anything go wrong, the damage is minimal.

When briefing the organisers prior to the event, it’s all-important to include security in this conversation, not only does this make certain everybody is on the same page, but trained security can provide valuable input that could improve upon the current situation.


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Monitor The Security

Whilst it’s certainly important to have a strong security presence at the beginning of the event when people are entering and the threat of gatecrashers is high, it’s equally as vital to keep this presence throughout. No matter how much you planned, little things will still go awry. There are always going to be unforeseen issues that pop up and making sure that these little issues do not grow into larger problems is vital to the success and safety of your event.

Having a high level of security at organised events is extremely important for a multitude of reasons; not only will it ensure the safety of all those involved, but also minimises the possibility of unflattering reviews if something were to go wrong, should this be a business or publicity event, which could seriously affect the future of your company.

Organising and running a function can be a taxing situation and therefore having a party security service as your eyes and ears to keep everything running smoothly is essential. Book now today for all your event management needs!

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