October 31, 2022

Static Vs Mobile Security: Which Is Best For Your Business?

As a business owner, ensuring the safety and security of your business premises, staff, customers and inventory is paramount. Working with experienced professionals who specialise in cutting-edge security solutions tailored to the needs of every business is a good start. And when it comes to solidifying your approach to business security, hiring a security company to monitor your premises is a worthwhile investment. But how do you determine whether mobile patrol services or static security guards are the most effective solution for your business?

At ESS, we offer a variety of different security solutions to businesses all over the country because we are aware that when it comes to business security, there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’. As such, the ideal security solution for one business may completely differ from another, making it that much more important for business owners to choose their security solutions wisely. If you’re interested in finding out more about the difference between mobile and static security and what best suits your business or company, we’re here to help.

What Is Static Security?

In the simplest of terms, static security services are guards that are always positioned at one site, for example, at a retail store, commercial building or construction site. These types of guards are most commonly used as a means of protecting a business from criminals and/or damage to property and assets. For higher risk industries like healthcare and education, static security guards are also an option to deter criminals and provide staff, customers and management with added peace of mind. Responsible for the protection, safety and wellbeing of your assets and people, static security guards proactively look for suspicious behaviour and respond to threats.

Research has also shown that static security services are extremely effective, as potential criminals who see a permanent security guard are more likely to be deterred from committing a crime.

Static security guards are responsible for:

  • Preventing unauthorised visitors from entering business premises;
  • Identifying, arresting or searching potential shoplifters;
  • Protection of property, equipment, staff, customers and merchandise;
  • Checking credentials such as I.D., receipts, or vaccination status; and/or
  • Handling disputes and dealing with aggressive individuals.


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Benefits of Static Security Services

Having a static security service at your business premises offers a variety of different benefits, some of which include:

1. Natural Deterrent To Criminals – When a security guard is present at a business premises, potential criminals know that there are eyes on them. As such, static security services act as a natural deterrent.

2. Consistent Guarding of Assets And Property When you hire a static security guard, you can rest easy knowing someone is always keeping an eye on your assets. As a result, employees are able to spend their time on other matters relating to business.

3. Immediate ReactionAt ESS, our security guards are highly trained in dealing with a variety of incidents. So in the event of a disturbance or crime, you can rest assured that someone is on hand to handle it professionally and immediately.

4. Providing A Sense Of Safety To Employees and Customers — It is essential that anyone who enters your business premises feels safe, whether customers or staff. Having a static security guard on-site offers an added sense of protection and comfort to everyone who walks through your door.

Mobile Vs Static Security

What Is Mobile Security?

Unlike static security services, mobile patrol security involves patrolling multiple locations at varied times and responding to security alarms on-demand. Mobile security officers carry out a wide range of external and internal checks at multiple locations for multiple businesses. For example, a patrol vehicle may drive by and check the perimeter of a construction site after hours, before moving on to a University campus and conducting an internal security check of the premises on foot.

Additionally, all ESS mobile patrol officers are equipped with a variety of innovative technology and our team’s collective experience aims to keep us ahead of trends and provide you with an efficient and accountable service. This includes bodycams, GPS tracking and real time incident reporting. Additionally, our client portal provides you with real time data on incidents, GPS tracking, and an overview of the patrol guard tours.

Mobile security patrol officers are often used in businesses covering a large area, such as warehouses or commercial office buildings, and are extremely effective out of hours when the premises are empty. Mobile security is also a shared service which means it’s a more cost-effective option than static security services.

Benefits of Mobile Patrol Services

Choosing mobile patrol security services for your business premises offers a variety of different benefits, some of which include:

1. Creating A Level Of Uncertainty For Criminals — Because mobile patrol guards are never situated in a permanent spot, this creates a level of uncertainty for criminals. As such, criminals may think twice about burglary on a premises with a visible mobile patrol. Because of the random and unpredictable nature of the patrol, criminals will never know how often the patrol occurs and more importantly, where they are going to be at any given time.

2. Mobile Patrols Offer A Wider Range Of Checks — Mobile patrols offer a wider range of after hours checks to keep your business premises secure. Mobile patrol guards can also look out for signs of forced entry and graffiti/vandalism on business exteriors, on top of being on the lookout for suspicious activity within the vicinity of the premises.

3. Added Peace Of Mind: Having a mobile patrol service as part of your security strategy can ensure when your staff arrive to work your premises is secure. As a result, customers and employees are given added peace of mind.

4. Quick Incident Response: Our mobile patrol guards are highly trained in efficient incident response and as such, can respond to incidents quickly and without hesitation. In addition to providing timely incident reports, our mobile guards are also able to swiftly get in contact with the police or relevant authorities in the event of an incident occurring.

5. Cost-Effective Security Solution: Mobile security is a shared service, so if a static security presence is beyond a client’s budget, or their security needs don’t require a 24/7 presence, they can still protect their business and assets while keeping costs down.


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Static VS Mobile — What Best Suits Your Company?

As you can see from above, the best guarding solution for your business or property is highly dependent on individual needs and circumstances. At the end of the day, taking a variety of factors into close consideration is necessary when selecting the best security service for your business.

If you are considering hiring a mobile security patrol service or require more information on the best type of security service for your business, please contact ESS today.

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