April 11, 2024

CEO, Michael Cohen on Rising Residential Crime Rates with Jacqui Felgate, 3AW

Listen to CEO, Michael Cohen, on 3AW:

Jacqui Felgate: Have you taken extra security measures around your neighbourhood? Have you hired private security patrols? Residents in the eastern suburbs have hired security patrols and they’re paying for it. Trained security officers in marked security vehicles are driving around in order to deter crime. What do you think, 133693? On the line now is Michael Cohen, the CEO of Executive Security Solutions. Michael, can you explain what your company does? 

Michael Cohen: Hi, Jacqui. Thanks for having me. Certainly. So, we’ve been providing residential security patrol services for approximately five years now. We have dedicated security vehicles with trained security professionals that patrol certain areas within certain suburbs to, first of all, provide a very strong deterrent to would-be criminals, provide an immediate security response as required, and also, most importantly, provide peace of mind to the clients within those areas that we service.

Jacqui Felgate: When people come to you to hire a patrol vehicle, what are they saying? 

Michael Cohen: They’re concerned. The increase in crime rates have got people really worried, which is completely understandable, and they want to know that their home is a safe place to be at any time of the day, and that is what we try to help ensure through our full circle security services. So, we not only provide security patrols at night, but we also provide monitoring services and Duress services, which are all integrated to provide a full circle of protection. 

Jacqui Felgate: Have there been decreases in crime since you’ve been hired in some of the areas?

Michael Cohen: Yeah, absolutely. So, we’ve seen a steady decrease throughout the areas that we patrol, and particularly with all of the clients that we’ve had over the past five years, we haven’t had any criminal activity at those residences.

Jacqui Felgate: I’m sure it’s great for your business, Michael, but it is a sad indictment, isn’t it, on the situation that communities are having to pay for this now because they’re so worried about their security?

Michael Cohen: It is a very, very sad situation. It always comes from a place of fear, and that’s obviously not something that we take any pleasure in helping service. So, for us, it’s just about providing that peace of mind, and we do hope that a coordinated effort between what we do, the police and the courts, will assist in preventing these crimes from continuing to increase. 

Set against the backdrop of increasing levels of residential crime rates, with a 9.1% increase in property break-ins, damage or vehicle theft while parked at home, Jacqui Felgate of 3AW hosted Executive Security Solutions (ESS) CEO, Michael Cohen, to discuss ESS’ innovative tactics to combat this trend.

ESS is a leading Australian security company with services spanning corporate and government sectors, as well as residential homes and neighbourhoods. Our strategies for both commercial and residential security services transcend traditional surveillance methods.

ESS’ multifaceted approach to residential security blends bleeding edge technology in monitoring, technology Duress devices and AI, with trained and highly skilled security officers, patrol drivers and Security Operations Centre (SOC) operators who monitor the technology, support staff on the ground, and coordinate mobile patrol dispatches and calls to police when required.

Our proven approach is reflected in the significant decrease in crime rates within the areas we service and patrol, underscoring the effectiveness of our work to foster secure home environments 24/7.

If you have been affected by residential crime, or want to learn how ESS can protect your property or neighbourhood, call us today on 1300 202 224 to speak with our experts.

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