Armed Services


If you require an Armed Guard, you want to know that you’re employing a person that is highly trained, responsible and skilled.

ESS employs an elite group of highly trained and experienced armed guards for the protection of property, money and other high value assets. Our personnel are only entrusted to carry a firearm after successful completion of our extensive internal firearm training program, which includes units assessing the safe carriage and use of a firearm as well as stringent physical and physiological testing prior to employment by ESS.

All armed guards dress to suit the client’s environment, and can carry overtly (equipment visible) or covertly (equipment concealed), depending on the client’s requests and the risk assessment undertaken by ESS.

Cash in Transit (CIT).

Is the physical transfer of banknotescoins and items of value from one location to another. ESS services bank branches, large retailers and other commercial premises. Our CIT services can be carried out in soft-skinned, semi-armoured or armoured vehicles.