Security Dogs

Detector dogs or sniffer dogs are a cost effective and highly efficient resource that can be deployed at short notice for high level security situations. A security dog trained to detect a substance is more efficient than any other technology available.

This service not only provides a highly visible deterrent during heightened periods of alert, but also acts as a safeguard against any persons or vehicles trying to enter your premises with weapons or explosives.

ESS provides detector dog services to the following industry sectors;

  • Industrial and Mining – Power Stations and Mines
  • Health Care – Hospitals, Hostels and Nursing Homes
  • Food Processing and Production – Meatworks and Factories
  • Hospitality – Resorts, Hotels and Public Areas
  • Commercial Property – High Rise, Banks and Multi-Site Customers
  • Entertainment Venues – Cinemas and Clubs

The detector dog service include, but are not limited to, the following;

  • Emergency Response
  • Bomb Search
  • Narcotic Search
  • Security Patrols