Our Difference


We are a dynamic company with a fresh approach to security who understand that our staff will often be the first point of contact between our clients and their guests. As such we train our staff to be professional, friendly, and focused on communication rather than confrontation.

As a premium security provider, it’s most important to us that our clients experience is positive from the second we begin a contract. To ensure this level of service is maintained across the board without service-gaps, our Executive team works across the business every day. This complete service is carried out by our highly qualified staff who are tech savvy and hand picked for the specific environment in which they will be working.

Our Pro-active Approach

At ESS we firmly believe that most security-related problems can be avoided through pre-planning and vigilance on the job. Our risk management and consultancy services are essential to preventing and significantly reducing the potential for security-related issues to arise. Additionally, our internal training programs focus on situational awareness, teaching our teams how to effectively identify and deal with any security related issues before they arise. As a result, our staff take a pro-active approach to their jobs, always remaining alert so as to detect and deter potential problems before they escalate.